With the starter packages of AduroSmart you make your home smart in no time. The 4 starter packages for lighting always make sure that you set the right vibe in your home. Easily adjust the light intensity and colour. Automatically turning your lights on or off? The timers can make sure that the lights automatically turn on once the sun sets.
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A security starter package for a safe environment. A smart, but specifically safe environment gives you full control over your house. Choose a safe environment with motion and contact sensors from AduroSmart.
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White lighting
The LED lights of AduroSmart offer many possibilities to select the appropriate lighting. Besides dimming, some lights also offer the possibility of changing colour temperature. The lights are available in different models and colour temperatures:
  • 2200K, equivalent to candle light/warm flame light (E27, E14 candle)
  • 2700K, equivalent to warm white light (E27, E14 candle, GU10 spotlight)
  • 2200 to 6500K, these lights can be adjusted from candle light to daylight. It is clear that the colour temperature can be easily adjusted. (E27, E14 candle, GU10 spotlight)
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    Coloured lighting
    Besides white lighting that can be adjusted in colour temperature, there is also lighting where the RGBW colour can be adjusted. With this combination, there are 16 million RGBW-colour options. The colour temperature of these luminaires is also easily adjustable.
    • 2200 to 6500K + RGBW, these lights can be adjusted from candle light to daylight. In addition to the colour temperature, you can also adjust the RGBW colour. (E27, GU10 spotlight)
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The Bridge is the control station of the AduroSmart lighting and security. You can connect up to 50 luminaires, 20 sensors, 20 smart plugs and 10 switches to the bridge. All these tasks can be carried out after linking the bridge to an active internet connection. The following actions can be easily controlled from the bridge:
  • Turning on/off LED lighting
  • Dimming LED lighting
  • Setting timers for automatically controlling the lighting
  • Create scenes per luminaire or space
  • Controlling luminaires in specific spaces to create the appropriate colour temperature and vibe
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    The wireless switch from AduroSmart makes it possible to control one or more AduroSmart LED lights or other luminaires that comply with the ZigBee protocol. Dimming or switching your lights on or off? Easily control your lighting with the AduroSmart switch. You can also use the switch as a remote control if you take it out of the magnetic wall holder.
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AduroSmart App


Control your smart home from your phone. Download the app.


Motion sensor
With the motion sensors of AduroSmart, your lighting is controlled automatically. The lighting switches off automatically after a prolonged period of inactivity. Entering a dark room? The AduroSmart motion sensors detect movement and the lights turn on automatically. Do you want to receive a notification once movement is detected by the motion sensor? You can receive a push notification in the app once the motion sensor has been triggered. With the motion sensor, you can easily create a smart and safe environment.
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Contact sensor
Is there a door opening somewhere? The contact sensor of AduroSmart makes it possible to send a notification directly through the app once a door or window is opened. Activate your lights or trigger the alarm as soon as a door or window is opened? The contact sensor can be easily linked to other ZigBee systems such as our bridge. Easily create a smart and safe environment with the contact sensor.
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