Smart Home

A home that knows exactly what you need? A Smart Home ensures that the lights at your front door turn on once you arrive home. The lighting in the hallway, kitchen and living room turns on once you walk through the front door. With the AduroSmart Smart Home system you can create your own Smart Home.

Creating your Smart Home is not only convenient, but also provides the necessary safety. Are you not home, but the door is being unlocked? Check who enters your house via the app. On holiday, but leaving the lights on to prevent burglary?
Checking whether you have left your door or window open while you are already underway? An AduroSmart Smart Home system makes light work of this. Even products that are not originally smart can be made smart with the smart plugs from AduroSmart.

Every Smart Home starts in their own way, AduroSmart offers starter packages to easily make your home smarter. Discover how to make your home smarter with the Smart Home products from AduroSmart.


Smart Home lighting that automatically switches on when you step through the door? Do you want to change the vibe in your living room with the touch of a button? With the smart lighting from AduroSmart you can easily dim your lights, change the colour of the lighting, select a preselected scene or switch them on or off.

Smart lighting is easy to control via an app or remote control. It is also possible to link the app with other systems so you can control the lights with your voice.

With the preselected scenes in the app you can easily change the vibe in your living room, for instance if you want to watch TV at night. You can also preselect a scene for cooking or for when you are having breakfast in the morning. With the smart lighting from AduroSmart you can easily create the vibe you want.
With the AduroSmart app you can control your lighting, also when you are not at home. A week-long holiday, but you want to leave the lights on at night? This is no longer an issue with the AduroSmart Smart Home lighting.

Link the lighting to the bridge, so you can connect it to Google Assistant and control the lighting with your voice. Use simple vocal commands to set a lighting scene, dim the lights or turn them on or off.

The collection of AduroSmart smart lighting contains starter packages. The lighting, dimmers, sensors and bridge are available separately. With the starter packages from AduroSmart you make your home smart in no time.
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There is more than just creating your Smart Home with lighting. You can also add smart security with the AduroSmart Smart Home security products.

Receiving a notification if someone enters or leaves your house? Or receive a signal once doors or windows are opened in your house? Create a Smart Home security system with the smart security of AduroSmart.
Gain control over your home quickly and easily with the AduroSmart security starter package. The contact sensors relay a message once a window or door is opened. The motion sensor registers every bit of movement around the house and lets you know exactly when someone approaches your home. The security starter package ensures you have instant insight in movement around your house. The security elements are also available separately. This way, you can easily expand your Smart Home security when necessary.
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Let your Smart Home grow

The AduroSmart products are endlessly compatible. Let your Smart Home grow wit the Smart Home products from AduroSmart. You can connect and control up to 50 products with the app and the bridge. Make your entire home smart in no time. With the touch of a button, adjust the lighting in your home independently of each other, or turn everything on or off.

ZigBee certified
The Smart Home products from AduroSmart are ZigBee certified and are compatible with other ZigBee Light Link systems such as Phillips Hue, Osram Lightify and Ikea Trådfri. The open communication protocol ZigBee facilitates the connections and communication between all elements and can be operated from the AduroSmart app.

If This Then That (IFTTT)
The products are also IFTTT compatible. With IFTTT, you can link many services and products to each other. For instance, the lighting can be adjusted with the IFTTT trigger.

Voice systems
"Hey Google, please turn on my lights!" Direct your Smart Home with your voice. The AduroSmart products can work together with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. With these voice systems, you can easily dim the lights in your house or activate a sensor, plug or light. Choosing AduroSmart is always smart, because it always works in combination with other system.